Our students got Best/Excellent Research Project Awards in CICP


Our students got the following awards in CICP (Creative and International Competitiveness Project), which is the project of NAIST that gives the research budget to the proposal from students. They are selected from 11 projects.

  • The Best Research Project Award
    Shuichi Fukuda, Seong Eon Hong, Hanbit Oh, Hyuckjin Choi:
    Prediction of size and species of fish by recognizing the vibration pattern generated from fishing
  • The Excellent Research Project Award
    Dang Chenyu, Xin Chang, Ziyu Wang, Yanjiao Ao:
    Smart-REJI: An automatic counter system for cafeterias
  • The Excellent Research Project Award
    Zhihua Zhang, Research Dawadi, Jose Paolo Talusan:
    Promoting Behavior Change by Deploying Smart Devices in The Daily Action Line of Users


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