Information for newcomers

Orientation for ubi-lab candidate

We will have a laboratory orientation for a student who is a candidate assigned to ubi-lab. All students have to attend.

April 6, 4:45 pm @A407 (Seminar room of Ubi-lab)


Rental of Personal Workstation (MacBookAir)

NAIST provides a personal workstation (MacBookAir) to all students. For A candidate assigned to ubi-lab, please come to ubi-lab at the following dates.

  • Apr. 4, 4-6 pm
  • Apr. 5, 4-6 pm

If other lab’s candidates have an interest in ubi-lab:

If you are a candidate assigned to other laboratories, but you are interested in ubi-lab, please send email to (ubi-lab’s staff). We will arrange meeting with you.